CHIPS for America Announces Two R&D Milestones

On Jan 31, 2024, CHIPS for America Announces Two R&D Milestones. 

CHIPS for America issued two Notices of Intent (NOI) – one for the National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program and the other for the CHIPS Manufacturing USA Institute

  • The NAPMP NOI announces a competition for new R&D activities to establish and accelerate domestic capacity for advanced packaging substrates and substrate materials, a key technology for packaging semiconductors. CHIPS for America anticipates awarding approximately $300 million in funding for multiple projects in substrates and substrate materials research. 
  • The CHIPS Manufacturing USA NOI announces a competition to create the CHIPS Manufacturing USA Institute. CHIPS anticipates investing at least $200 million in the institute - the first institute to have a combined focus of digital twins and semiconductor manufacturing.

For NAPMP, we encourage folks to revisit The Vision for the NAPMP and the recorded webinar.